Научно-технический словарь переводчика.

Название книги «Русско-английский словарь переводчика»

Русско-английский. Научно-технический словарь переводчика. Авторы: Михаил Циммерман, Клавдия Веденеева.

А вместе с ним и
The positive charge will be reduced, and with it the coulombic attraction for the lig-and.

А именно
The movement itself gives rise to a second field, namely, the magnetic field.

А как насчёт
What of the vast masses of granite now between the remnants? How and when did they originate?

А может быть и
In such circumstances collaborative tests become very important if not essential.

А на самом деле это не так
The alternating double and single bonds should be of different lengths, which they are not.

А не
These deviations may be manifested in the form of an accelerating instead of a decelerating wave.

А не на
Most of the energy goes into heating the bulk gas instead of (or and not) into promoting the desired reactions.

А не наоборот
It is much more likely that the motion of the lithospheric plate governs the flow of convection currents in the asthenosphere, rather than (or and not) the reverse (geol.).

А не только
All air must be heated, and not just the small fraction that contributes to the formation of the product.

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